Campanini v. State Farm, et. al.

Kevin Ripplinger tried and won the case of Campanini v. State Farm in a 3 day UIM trial in Arapahoe County District Court.  Plaintiff was involved in a minor rear-end accident while yielding to get on 225 at Parker.  Plaintiff was employed as a pharmaceutical representative with Eli Lilly at the time of the accident.  Plaintiff sued the tortfeasor, Liberty Mutual (UIM carrier for Eli Lilly) and State Farm (Plaintiff personal liability carrier).  Tortfeasor and Liberty Mutual settled out before trial for limits of $50,000 each.  Plaintiff had an additional $100,000 on UIM with State Farm.  Plaintiff claimed a permanent low back injury.  Plaintiff had preexisting back problem but claimed they resolved several months prior to the accident and that she was pain free.  Causation and damages were in dispute.  Jury determined Plaintiff had injuries and damages but that they were not caused by the accident.  The jury returned a verdict for the defense.  Plaintiff’s Motion for New Trial Denied.